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I was never forced into music, but being in this family I was surrounded by it. I quickly learned the impact it has and the opportunity to bring happiness and joy to people was something I couldn't resist.


  Music came naturally to Taryll. Not only was it bred into him, but he was inspired by watching and experiencing the life of his aunts and uncles. This led to a genuine passion for music and thus began the spark for his own musical career. At the age of 12, Taryll was offered his first record deal but respectfully declined so he could enjoy his childhood. Less than 10 years later, in 1995, Taryll along with his brothers, better known as the group 3T, debuted their first album. The album entitled Brotherhood, sold over 3 million copies, identifying 3T as the second biggest selling group in Europe behind the Spice Girls.  Taryll wrote and produced the majority of the songs for 3T, as well as other known artists, including his aunt Janet, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars. He has also collaborated with producers such as Max Martin, Teddy Riley and Cory Rooney.    
 With years of learning, composing and performing, Taryll wanted to share his personal journey with music. Though he continued to work with his brothers, he slowly began to release solo projects over the course of time. Taryll debuted his first solo EP, “My Life Without You” on Mother's Day 2012 in honor of his late mother Dee Dee Jackson. A few months later, on his birthday, August 8, Taryll released the single "Best of All Time”; a tribute to his late uncle Michael. The single was taken from his second EP, Undeniable, which was released later that month, in honor of Michael’s birthday.

 After 10 years of sharing his music and discovering his own musical style, Taryll released his first solo LP, Crazy Love. Ten songs were written, produced and performed by Taryll himself, sharing his individual journey of growth and love. With excitement and enthusiasm, he took this album to the stage. On June 8th, 2019, he performed his first live solo show at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. “Taryll Jackson Live” is an intimate and personal performance where Taryll interacts and shares his new music with his audience. The album was celebrated and well received by fans throughout. Many claiming this is Taryll’s best work; supporting and encouraging his decision in moving forward with his solo career.

 Taryll’s mission in life is to implement the values and lessons he was brought up with. Both his mother and uncle Michael believed in a world filled with love. It is Taryll’s hope that with his resources, he can create positive changes and help spread love through his music.

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